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Chicken Sausage Gumbo

A hearty soup with Chicken, Sausage and cut okra. Pour it on some Rice.

Creamy Mushroom

A thick broth infused with hearty crimini mushroom flavor. This is not like any other mushroom soup you've ever tasted.

Ken's Own Chili

Award Winning Chili. Hearty, rich tomato base with ground beef, and 3 beans.


Lunch Special

Teriyaki Chicken served on a heaping bed of rice.

Turkey Diamante Sandwich

Our Signature Sandwich! Made on Essential Baking Co. Rosemary Diamante Bread w/Oven Roasted Turkey, lettuce & tomato.

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Hello Autumn

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”
- Jim Bishop

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Featured At Our Espresso Bar this Season - PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE

What sets the mood for the Holiday Season more than a warm, luscious beverage that wafts up with the irresistible fragrances of espresso and delicate spices while it warms your hands and tummy?

Ken's Market Queen Anne has a wonderful little Espresso Bar that serves the best Pumpkin Spice Lattes this side of McGraw Street. It is a wonderful, festive coffee drink made with a mix of traditional fall spices, steamed milk and espresso, topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice. Can you think of a better way to perk up your shopping experience than with this season's best beverage offering? Stop in and say "Hello" to Joe. He will have you first smiling and then enjoying the whole shopping experience.


Pumpkin Perfection!

It's Pumpkin Season, so our pumpkin obsession is understandable. Ken's Market Queen Anne wants to provide you with the quintessential symbols of Fall, including the perfect carving pumpkin. So we are offering pumpkins of every size for the most awesome Jack-O-Lantern. We also have the best Sugar Pie pumpkins for baking. To add classic appeal to your entryway or in a tablescape we have mini white and tiger striped pumpkins, fall corn, and all shapes and sizes of gourds. Get glowing by using the right tools. We stock a couple of varieties of Pumpkin Master's carving kits for all skill levels to create a perfect Jack-O-Lantern. Want to scare the crowds? We carry spider webs that stretch up to 200 feet.

To get the party going we have new harvest Honeycrisp apples for bobbing and wickedly delicious, decorated cookies and cupcakes.


It’s Scone Time Again!

This is the time of year when everyone thinks of the Fair and Scones simultaneously!

In the Pacific Northwest, the end of summer always brings plump blackberries growing wild around the region. One of the most delicious ways to enjoy these juicy bites of summer flavor is in a scone. Ken’s Market carries only the best fresh baked scones, like blackberry with lemon glaze, orange glazed currant, whole grain fresh raspberry dried apricot, apple & raisin, and power scones (with seeds, whole grains and antioxidants galore).

Our Scones are from PINK’S Original Bakery where everything is made by hand and using the freshest, local ingredients.

PINKS Original Bakery began 22 years ago when 2 girls from Capitol Hill named Anne & Molly decided to start their own bakery since they loved baking more than anything else. Enjoy the rewards of Anne and Molly's baking at Ken's Market… the best place to shop in Queen Anne!

Ryan's Honeycrisp Cider

Ryan's Honeycrisp Apple Cider

from Ryan’s Juice, Hood River OR

There is no doubt right now that the Honeycrisp apple reigns supreme when it comes to apple sales. Of all apple sales in America today, the Honeycrisp outsells the others 2 to 1 . With this apple being this popular, it was a natural choice for Ryan's to create a refreshing cider which is not a blend but 100% pure Honeycrisp.

Ryan’s apple cider experts hone the Honeycrisp blend with all of the care and love that any fine craftsman exhibits.The proof is in the product. Share this divine cider with your family and friends. Check the produce department at Ken's Market Queen Anne for Ryan's all natural, 100% juice from America's #1 apple, Honeycrisp.

Go Hawks!

Your Go-To on Game Day

Ken's Market Queen Anne has everything you need for a terrific game day get-together. We have delicious sandwiches and appetizers from our deli, burgers, sausages and dogs for the grill, chips, pretzels and other snacks for munching, and lots of choices for beers. Whether you are hosting friends and neighbors, tailgating or watching the game at your place, stock up on party supplies at Ken's. GO HAWKS!

Featured Beer, Wine & Spirits

Featured Beer, Wine & Spirits

Canned Spiked Seltzer

from San Juan Seltzer, Seattle, WA

Pampelonne Canned Sparkling Wine & Wine Cocktails

from Pampelonne, New York, NY

Wanderback Whiskey

from Wanderback Whiskey Co., Hood River, OR

Bringing Great Food and Legendary Customer Service to Queen Anne since 1964

Customer service is what we're really all about. We can help you find the right bottle of wine, or our butcher will cut your steak to your specifications, or our friendly deli staff will create your lunch sandwich to order so it's exactly what you are craving, all with a smile and a shared laugh. We stock hand-selected, high quality products as part of our commitment to service. We proudly feature restaurant-quality soup, sandwiches and deli entreés made on-site. We make sure we offer lots of healthy options in our grocery items, including organic, gluten-free and low-glycemic. Our products are locally sourced whenever possible. We feature high-quality, pasture-raised beef, free-range chicken and wild caught Pacific salmon.

Ken's Market Queen Anne is locally owned and managed by 3 guys who grew up working here, so the grocery business is in their blood. They are passionate about making this the best store it can be and providing the highest level of service and product quality.

Family owned since 1964. Come and help us commemorate our 55th Anniversary this year!
Read more about us.

Pot Roast

It's Pot Roast Time

Simple flavors and a nostalgic sense of warmth define the harvest season. Celebrate Autumnal Abundance with a hearty meal featuring a rich and savory Pot Roast from Painted Hills beef.

Ken's Market Queen Anne is proud to offer you premium beef cuts from Painted Hills. You might like to know that Painted Hills beef is 100% all natural, contains no nitrates, no preservatives, no added growth hormones and no antibiotics. Their pasture raised cattle are all fed a 100% vegetarian diet. This is what lends to the naturally flavorful and tender quality of their beef.

Our pot roasts are trimmed, boneless chuck roll and a bit marbled for extra flavor. They are usually cut to approximately 2 lbs, however if you need a larger size, call us, we'd love to custom cut a roast just for you.

Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp Apples

The superstar fruit of the Fall season has to be the Honeycrisp Apple, which we are fortunate to have grown locally in Washington. And boy have we got them! These warm-hued yellow, red and green apples are as crisp and colorful as the season's changing leaves. With a flavor that is the perfect balance of sweet and tart, Honeycrisps pair perfectly with a variety of Autumn cravings from caramel or candied apples to apple pie and tarts. Try them as baked apples for breakfast. Pureé them and make a homemade gourmet apple sauce. Add them to buckwheat pancakes, to fruit salads like the Waldorf or as a great garnish in green salads. They are delicious roasted with a simmering pork roast. For a healthy after-school treat, try slicing and baking them for crisp apple chips.

Roast Chicken

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

This is the season for after-school activities and sports, so with all the errands and driving kids here and there, you may find you don't have a lot of time for fixing a hot dinner. So why not pick up one of our perfectly roasted, free-range whole chickens? Chicken is already a lean and tasty main course, but roasting is not only a healthy way to prepare it, but it really brings out the savory chicken flavor. We also have lots of ready-to-go side dishes and salads in our deli to compliment your warm and cozy chicken dinner.

Pecan - Pumpkin Tart

HARVEST FLAVORS, Celebrating the Taste of Fall!

Ken’s Market Queen Anne is proud to carry pies baked from the locally owned and operated, Green City Kitchens out of Edmonds. Their handmade pies are made from only locally-owned dairies and Northwest grown fruit using organic flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Pie master and Chef Patrick is baking up handmade pies from scratch to ensure the delicious flavor and quality. He bakes his pies to have a home-style look which shows that each pie is made as if they were prepared for his own family. Who does that? We have 5" mini pies available all the time and during the holidays we'll also carry their 9” full size pies. The cream pies are topped off with their own recipe for stable whipped cream which is guaranteed not to fall for a week after delivery. Ken’s is carrying an assortment of mini pies ranging from cream pies, fruit pies (including this season’s favorite pumpkin pie), pecan pie and the creamiest cheesecakes, too.

Few desserts can outshine a fresh, homemade pie. If you are craving something to savor with just a cup of coffee or tea, stop by and pick up a mini pie of your dreams today! Every pie will serve up an incredible slice of heaven!


Usher in Autumn with Sunflowers

What more beautiful way to usher in Autumn than with the striking beauty of a fresh bouquet of flaming-colored Sunflowers?

Ken’s Market welcomes all our customers each and every time they stop in with generous amounts of potted and cut flowers showing the magnificent color palette of the season. Whether you are sprucing up the front porch or carrying it right in to the entryway just like Ken’s does, you will find an abundance of color and fragrance to greet family and friends.

Maybe you are creating a tablescape with a bunch of fresh flowers from Ken’s Market. You will find an assortment of seasonal fresh cut flowers, bouquets and plants to capture the warmth and beauty of the season with fabulous hues and make a delightful focal point on any table.

Come decorate your home, garden, office or gift someone with bright hues of purple, red, golden yellow. The Autumn season is all about coziness. Start here!

Espresso Bar

Espresso Bar

Seattle is a coffee town so what market would be complete without an espresso bar? We have a wide range of coffee and espresso drinks available, with a great selection of flavors we can add to make it just the way you like it.

Outside the store is our drive-up espresso, just park, hop out, and place your order at the window, no need to go into the store. Our experienced barista will create your custom latte to order. During the summer we offer iced lattes and frosty blended coffee drinks. We also have bakery items available to complement your espresso drink. The coffee beans we use for our espresso are from Seven Coffee Roasters. Seven is a local company who roasts their beans nearby in Ballard, so they are super fresh. If you're not a coffee drinker, we can brew you some tea. We carry a variety, including black, chai, herbal and green tea.

When you're running short on time in the morning, stop in, grab a coffee and pair that with a breakfast cookie from Erin Baker's, chock-full of nutrients, low in sugar and hearty enough to keep you going until lunch.

There are bistro tables and chairs available for when the weather's nice. Relax and enjoy your breakfast or lunch from our deli - al fresco, along with coffee, a latte or tea.

Inside the store, near the cashier, is our coffee bar, with excellent drip coffee. At any one time, we feature up to 6 different kinds of hot brewed coffee from various local roasters, such as Seven, Zoka Coffee, Keala’s Hawaiian Coffe, Lariat Coffee Roasters and Seattle Gourmet Coffee.

Espresso Bar
Joe is multi-talented.